Fashion Journal - Kwabee

Fashion Journal - Kwabee

Jan 02, 2024Leanne Williamson
A week in work outfits with Melbourne-based musician, Kwabee Acheampong

Part of the Melbourne-born artist group Typeboys, Kwabee Acheampong is deeply rooted in the city’s emerging creative scene. In addition to releasing music and merch under Typeboys, Kwabee has been immersed in the local fashion industry. His upcoming solo EP, K/FW, songs like ‘Sample K’ and ‘Fashion Weak’ speak to his experiences working as a model and designer.

Alongside K/FW, Kwabee has collaborated with local creatives like Jaida the Creator, The Unknown Barber Shop and Park Ssc to create Typeboy puffers, hoodies and jerseys. Below, Kwabee spotlights Melbourne designers in a diverse week of outfits.

FRIDAY - everyone's favourite day!

Up-and-coming brand Emotiv People whipped up these amazing track pants, and I’ve been living in them since! I’m very keen on where this collaboration goes and what the future holds. I’m always with the cozy jacket come winter and this fave is from the team at XLarge. [Shoes are] James Harden.

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